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Since forming in 2011, Moonsville Collective have whipped up a raw, rootsy storm of Americana, driving each song forward with a mix of mandolin, banjo, slide guitar, drums, harmonica and fiddle. They play community music. The table is large — the group has seven members, after all, including two generations from the same family — and the harvest is plenty, with the band encouraging their fans to join the party and break bread with them. Born out of a string of old-time jam sessions and songwriting circles in Southern California, Moonsville Collective have held on to that communal spirit, making big-sounding music for a community that is continually growing.

They’ve never sounded bigger, though — or more focused — than they do on Heavy Howl, a self-produced studio album that finds the middle ground between the group’s old-time influences and a more modern sound. It’s an album that also bears the energy and electricity of the band’s live shows, which have taken Moonsville Collective from their home base in the Greater Los Angeles area to stages across the country. Many of the people and cities they’ve visited along the way make appearances on Heavy Howl, adding a personal element to a record that broadens the band’s sound and reach.

“We all got in the van and just played a lot of shows,” co-founder Corey Adams, who splits most of the band’s songwriting and vocal duties with Ryan Welch, says of the months leading up to the album’s creation. “All of that reflects in the new songs on Heavy Howl. As writers, we got much more personal. A lot of the songs are reflections of where we’ve been, who we’ve met and what we’ve been up to.”

And they’ve been up to a lot. Rounded out by bandmates Seth Richardson (double bass), Drew Martin (percussion), Matthew McQueen (mandolin), “Dobro Dan” Richardson (slide/resonator/dobro) and Sean Kibler (fiddle), Moonsville Collective have become representatives of California’s Americana scene, a genre whose typical strongholds — Appalachia, the Deep South, and Texas — are thousands of miles away from the West Coast. Free to reinterpret those old-school sounds for a new century, Moonsville Collective have filled their music with the literature, spirit, and grit of their native California, resulting in a motto and lifestyle they’ve dubbed “California goodtime.” It’s a lifestyle that goes beyond music. Out west, there’s a heavily steeped tradition of outdoor culture, where backyard rambles, fishing, anything maritime, motorcycles and sleeping under the stars are all part of the same world. That world is where Moonsville Collective set up camp, too, embraced by a number of lifestyle brands — including Sanuk, Hippytree, and Iron & Resin — in the process.

With influences that include Levon Helm, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty and Hank Williams Sr., Moonsville Collective cover much ground on Heavy Howl. “Cow and the Cream” roots itself in

gospel music, “Big Jimmy” twangs like a country song, “Rollin’ in Paradise” flirts with jam-band music and “Blue Money Grove” sinks its teeth into a swampy, Louisiana-worthy groove. Together, those styles form the borders of Heavy Howl’s sound, with Moonsville Collective filling the rest of the songs with everything from Appalachian folk to southern rhythm & blues.

“There are seven of us in the band, and everyone helps shape these songs,” explains Welch. “We all bring a lot of influences to the table, and it becomes this big pot that gets stirred and mixed up into our own sound.”

Heavy Howl is indeed a mixing pot of styles, sounds and influences, with the band dishing up the same diversity they’ve found in the Greater Los Angeles area. It’s a goodtime brew that’s hard to pass up, and Moonsville Collective — who, after four years of independence, have entered the big leagues with Heavy Howl — have never spoken louder.
2013 Best Country/Americana Band – OC Music Awards
2013 Best Bluegrass/Americana Band in Orange County – CBS LA
2012 Best Live Band – OC Weekly
City of Long Beach Taste of Downtown Event, Chili & Beer Fest, other Private Long Beach City Parties

NAMM ’15 (GoPro Main Stage)
Bang Fest!
Long Beach Folk Revival Festival (headliner)
City of Long Beach Taste of Downtown Event, Chili & Beer Fest, other Private Long Beach City Parties
City of Irvine Global Village Festival
City of Costa Mesa 50th Anniversary
Catalina Island Concert Series Summer (2012)
HangarFest 2014, Hangar 24 Craft Beer and Music Festival
Sausage & Beer Festival at Highland Springs Resort (August ’12,’13’14)
Vestal Village
KROQ N’ Surf Music & Beer Festival, Irvine, CA
OC Music Awards Performance 2013

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(About the song “Big Jimmy”): “Slap your knee or tap your toes on this one. It deserves it.” – Bluegrass Situation

“…[a] rustic, rootsy Americana sound. …There is a communal spirit to their music that carries a certain warmth, like passing a bottle of whiskey around the campfire with your closest friends. On their new album Heavy Howl… Moonsville Collective tap into bluegrass, Americana, country, and old-timey music with hints of Bob Dylan peppered throughout.” – Glide Magazine

“The chemistry between the band’s seven members is evident in the infectious music they make.  Moonsville is more than a collective, it’s a community.” – Mother Church Pew


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